Judgment Day is a dramatic short film that is set in a small, traditional town. CONNOR, the main character, is taught as an adolescent that blacks are futile animals. His father, GRANT, is openly prejudice towards blacks and makes it his ambition to convince Connor of the same idea. Connor whole-heartedly trusts the judgments of his father after his mother, PAULA, is caught having an affair with a black man, SOLOMON. Solomon kills Grant out of self-defense when Grant walks in on Solomon and Paula having sex. After 30 years, Connor continues to judge blacks harshly and has kept bitterness in his heart since the tragedy of his childhood.

JOESPH, a young black graduate, is optimistic about his future and ready to venture into endless opportunities as a young adult. He is great at playing basketball, and enjoys playing with his friends in his neighborhood. Joseph is challenged to a one-on-one game with Officer Connor after Officer Connor debates with his colleague that blacks don’t possess real talent. His colleague, who often plays at the neighborhood court, plans to teach Connor a lesson. Jason undoubtedly beats Connor, and Connor becomes the laughing joke. This causes Officer Connor to become enraged; he is prideful and unwilling to accept that he has lost to a black boy. Officer Connor harasses Joseph and becomes physical when Joseph doesn’t take him seriously. Connor takes the opportunity for revenge, and brutally shoots Joseph on the court leaving him there to die.

After going to trial, Connor is found innocent and wins the case, allowing him to walk free from any punishment. Joseph manages to survive; however, he is bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Just when Connor thinks he has truly won, Joseph is led to show Connor that only loving-kindness can change a person’s heart. In turn, Connor faces the ultimate judge, God. His actions, thoughts, and beliefs are judged, and Connor’s internal conviction causes him to cry out for forgiveness and a pure heart. 

 The Chosen Productions produced Judgement Day in 2015. The film was written by Essence Wallace and Bilal Reddick. The film  was directed and produced by Essence Wallace and shot in Jackson, MS. The film was screened at Screening Room ATL, and also premiered at The Historical Alamo Theatre of Jackson in December 2016 with an audience of 250+.