The Chosen Productions partnered with Aura Recordings, LLC to produce Walk on Water in 2016. The film was written and directed by Winton McFarlane (Aura Recordings) and shot in Atlanta, GA. It was also marketed alongside music album, Walk on Water, by Samuel Shabazz (Aura Recordings). The film is available for purchase on Amazon. 




      Has your spirit ever battled with the desires of your flesh and the influences around you? Walk On Water is a feature film about a group of friends who find themselves doing things outside of their character to experience the instant gratifications of this world. Like many others, they enjoy what seems to be the perks of this lifestyle until they are awakened by the truth: Corrupt seed cannot bear good fruit.

      SAM, LEVI, DAVE, LIGHTY, and NEW YORK are all good friends. They are all good-hearted, young men each dealing with their own personal demons. Each of them finds it challenging to release their old ways of living and thinking to be delivered into a promised destiny. Sam is a local rapper and son of a pastor. He knows the life of a struggling artist all to well, and has made it a priority to never return to that life again. Sometimes that means doing all that is necessary to become successful. “When one eats, we all eat”; that’s Levi’s mentality. Levi’s loyalty can be dangerous when associated with the wrong individuals. Understanding that bad company corrupts good character is vital for Levi in order to escape trouble in his future. Dave, Sam’s producer, has become so consumed by money and women that he hasn’t been able to focus on making music. Lighty, the wisest yet most cunning of the group, is having career and financial issues. He’s reverting back to his street ways, and is unconsciously influencing the guys to participate in his scheming. New York, the oldest of the group, is seeking companionship in all the wrong places. His frequent visits to the strip clubs usually lead to sexual relations with random women.

       Each of them has motivation within to live a life worthy of their callings. They each have something inside of them reminding them to sow good seeds. However, releasing old skeletons and trusting in the intangible isn’t always so simple. Once their destructive decisions lead them into a dangerous situation, they realize that life requires each of them to make a different decision: to have faith in God. Like Peter, these friends must be willing to leave their pasts behind and walk on water, proving that they truly believe in the power that lives within them.